Hello, and thank you for visiting Death and the City. This project was created out of desire to explore the topics of death and dying in an urban environment. While working on a collaborative paper on the topic of access to the "good death" in an urban context, we wanted to explore a little more about what death and dying looks like in cities. 

Who we are

Sarah Beste

Sarah has her bachelor’s degree in mortuary science and her master’s degree in anthropology. She has experience in the funeral industry as well as experience being an autopsy technician and assisting the local forensic anthropologist whenever needed. Beyond the technical experience, she has an interest how to help and protect the interests of the underserved, recently deceased.

Maria Pallas 

Maria is a PhD student at Wayne State University in Detroit. Her current work explores the relationship between urban "wastelands" and city planning, in Detroit and Berlin. Her past work examined a collection faunal remains from a 19th century urban archaeological site.She is interested in the relationship between death and urban space, death and sustainability and urban planning and cemeteries.