November, here we go.


Hello, dear readers

We have quite a bit going on this month and I wanted to give everyone a quick update and what to look forward to in the next few weeks. Next Sunday, November 12th,  stay tuned for an interview with a forensic photographer and anthropologist, who works for the coroner’s office here in Detroit. It should be a very interesting conversation, and if you ever wanted to ask a forensic photographer anything, here is your chance! Please email us your questions.

On November 19th, Sarah has some stories to share about her experience with the “unclaimed dead”. You might wonder, what does that even mean? The “unclaimed dead” are the deceased persons who have no next to kin to claim their bodies after death. As you might imagine, a large city like Detroit sees an overwhelming number of people who have no one to claim them. According to an article in Click on Detroit , Wayne County Morgue counted over 200 unclaimed bodies in 2014. Who are those people are, how they end up unclaimed, and what happens to them? Sarah has some stories for us and they are not for the faint of heart. As for me, this is the reason I steer clear of going into abandoned buildings. That, and the very real chance of the roof collapsing…seriously, people, safety first!

Finally, on November 26th, I will take you on a journey exploring urban cemeteries. We will look at the way the living and the dead share urban space, how city development affects the cemeteries, and what happens if you run out of space. We will take a little peak at the future of urban graveyards as well, as cities grow and evolve, so does to disposition of the dead.

As always, we are happy to hear your questions, thoughts and suggestions! Until next time.



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