It’s alive!

This is the post excerpt.


Hello and welcome! It is Halloween 2017 and we are excited to present our project, Death and the City! The blog will consist of two separate entries a month, one from me ( Maria) and one from Sarah. We will be exploring a number of  different topics, and of course, we always take suggestions on what the readers would like to know about! It is an exploratory journey for us and we are hoping to learn as much as we are hoping to educate. Along with the blog entries, we are aiming to do one interview per month! So if you have something to share on the topic of death and cities, feel free to reach out! This November, we will introduce you to a forensic photographer. For the first blog, we both wrote about what lead us to this project, and why we are eager to learn about death and dying in an urban space. Please join us on this journey and as always, thank you for reading.



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